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Dr. Stephen F. Austin is Professor of Voice and Vocal Pedagogy at the College of Music, University of North Texas and serves as chair of the Division of Vocal Studies. Dr. Austin is recognized as one of the leading experts in vocal pedagogy in the country and around the world. He received a masters degree in vocal performance from UNT and then earned the Ph.D. in Voice Science from the University of Iowa under the direction of the renowned voice scientist, Dr. Ingo Titze. Dr. Austin's scientific research has focused on measurement and analysis of the acoustics and physiology of the singing voice. He has published his research in The Journal of Voice. His extensive pedagogical writings have appeared in Australian VoiceClassical Singer, The Choral Journal and The Journal of Singing. He has been a featured guest at national and international conferences including The National Association of Teachers of SingingMusic Teachers National AssociationThe Voice FoundationPan European Voice Conference, and the International Conference on Physiology and Acoustics of Singing. He has presented lectures and master classes throughout the United States, England, Australia and Europe. Dr. Austin is creator and primary contributor of the popular column 'Provenance' which appeared in The Journal of Singing from 2004 until 2015 where he explored the historical development of pedagogical thought and practice. A new book β€œThe Provenance of Vocal Pedagogy Vol. 1” is expected to be available in the spring of 2017.